Ashnil samburu Camp is located in Buffalo Springs Game Reserve separated from Samburu National Reserve only by Ewaso Nyiro River.
Borana Lodge is located in the outskirt of Nanyuki situated on a 35,000-acre, wildlife rich, private and working cattle ranch.
8 rooms
Elephant Bedroom Camp is located in the outskirts of Nanyuki nesteled on the banks of Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve.
12 rooms
El Karama Eco Lodge is a 14,000 acre, family-run cattle and wildlife ranch, operational since 1963.
Elsa’s Kopje Lodge is a luxurious oasis in the wilds of Meru National Park, Kenya.
11 rooms
Enasoit lies in a wildlife corridor overlooking a waterhole, the Lolldaiga Hills creating a beautiful background.
12 rooms
Fairmont Mt Kenya Safari Club is located in Nanyuki, situated on the slopes of Mt Kenya.
120 rooms
Falcon Heights Hotel, is a 5 star boutique hotel located 20 minutes away from Nanyuki town offering modern day facilities in a lush surrounding.
Il N'gwesi Lodge is located in a community owned ranch slightly north of Mount Kenya on the outskirts of Nanyuki town.
Joy's Camp is situated in Shaba National Reserve a semii desert with a rugged hilly terrain, with great rocky kopjes and lots of springs supporting the abundant wildlife.
Kalacha Camp is located in the Chalbi Desert, North Eastern Kenya, sits on the edge of a permanent oasis, fed by a natural artesian well.
4 rooms
Kicheche Laikipia Camp is located at the centre of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in the outskarts of Nanyuki.
6 rooms
Kifaru House is located on the 62,000-acre Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.
Kitich Camp is located in Mathews Mountain Ranges covered in dense levey forest in the outskirts of Nanyuki.
6 rooms
Koija is located to a private wildlife conservancy, loisaba wilderness on the edge of the Laikipia plateau, on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro river.
4 rooms
Kongoni Camp Hotel is situated less than 2km from Nanyuki town northwest of Mt Kenya off Meru road.
Laragai House is located in the outskirts of Nanyuki town, sitting at the edge of a plateau eight Km from the lodge.
8 rooms
Larsens Camp is located in Kenya’s famous Samburu National Reserve.
20 rooms
Lewa House is located in the outskats of Nanyuki town satuated within the 62,000 acres of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy on the northern slopes of Mt Kenya.
3 rooms
Lewa Safari Camp is located in the outskirts of Nanyuki situated in the conservancy of Lewa Wilderness.
12 rooms
Lewa Wilderness Trails Lodge is located in the Lewa Conservancy at the slopes of Mt Kenya in the outskirts of Nanyuki Town.
9 rooms
Loisaba House is located in the outskirts of Nanyuki, at the slopes of the largest mountain in Kenya, Mt Kenya.
2 rooms
Loisaba Wilderness Lodge is located on the outskirts of Nanyuki town on the edge of a plateau looking the south towards Mt Kenya.
2 rooms
Mukima House is located in a private ranch, 15 minutes drive from Nanyuki town with a clear view of Mt Kenya.
7 rooms
Mukutan Retreat is situated on the West of Laikipia on the 100,000 acre, Laikipia Nature Conservancy.
3 rooms
Mutamaiyu House is located in the out skirts of Nanyuki town on Mugie Ranch, a 49,000 acre working ranch. .
Situated in Rift Valley Kenya, the Nanyuki Sports Club was established in 1926.
Ngobit River Lodge situated on 50 acres along the Ngobit River with a 1 km frontage.
6 rooms
Ol Malo is a privately-owned Game sanctuary on the banks of the Uaso Nyiro River in Kenya's wild and beautiful North Eastern Province.
Ol Pejeta Bush Camp is camp is located in Ol pageta conservancy on the bank of the Ewaso Nyiro River.
6 rooms