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Kalacha Camp

Kalacha Camp is located in the Chalbi Desert, North Eastern Kenya, sits on the edge of a permanent oasis, fed by a natural artesian well.

Kalacha Camp is a community based project started in 1999 by the nomadic people of gabbrs community in the northern

The Gabbra people of this area are a hardy race, and adaptation to a nomadic way of life ensures their survival. The Kalacha oasis is an assured watering point – several days’ walk from suitable grazing areas, and camels, cattle, donkeys and goats gather here en-masse.


Kalacha camp consists of four bandas with huge convex thatched roofs to keep the rooms cool, twin beds and en-suite bathroom with flush toilet. The bandas have a small verandah on the front, and overlook the oasis.

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Kalacha Camp